Thursday, March 6, 2014

Coffee is brewing and I'm ready to go!

Almost everyday, I get to talk to my mom on the phone.  She always asks, "so how are things?"  My response lately.... "you know, busy."
How could they not be busy?  And I promise, this is not a complaint at all - anyone who knows me knows that I like busy, but these past few weeks/months have just flown by!  I'm guessing that any experienced mom reading this is most likley thinking it's only just beginning Jess, it's only just beginning. 
I know I will look back when I have five young adults/teenagers and wonder were all the time went.  I will be busier than busy, and it will be different than it is now.  So, I am choosing not to wish this time away.  Instead, I remind myself daily that Stephen won't ask me told hold him in the mornings for much longer, Abby will stop crawling in her daddy's lap whenever she can, Cecilia will stop crying when I leave the room, and Jude will one day be stronger than me.  These are some extremely special moments happening right now.
While I take a quick moment and sit to type this, there is a small joyful reminder moving around in my tummy that tells me more changes are coming.  That though I am still learning to hold my "big" babies a little longer and tighter, I will have new lessons to learn.  I am reminded that God has given Alan and I this great blessing of saying yes to Him again - welcoming another life into this world, asking us to move our personal selfishness to the side and make room for one of His many gifts.
Hopefully I will be wise enough to step back and remind myself of these thoughts and words when things are crazy, loud and chaotic.  And in doing so I can use this beautiful season of Lent to stop and reflect on what I am being called to, and how I can step up to that calling! 
And maybe just maybe, I will stop, take a breath and watch these gifts grow up right before my eyes!

Happy Lent everyone!


tiffany said...

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annemcd said...

Are cub scouts not just the cutest things? :)