Monday, November 18, 2013

Throw back Monday?

 Because today is Monday, and well I seem to be slacking in the picture taking department, I thought I would throw in some old pics just for fun :)  Kinda random, but hey I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I'd try again!
 I guess I'm tired and busy :) So please excuse the lack in blogging and posting, I do promise we are here, baby Augustine (Gus) is doing great, and we are having fun!
 I had to post this pic, not only b/c Abby is just soooo cute, but we get to see this awesome Aunt next week!  I'm so excited to see the Murphy clan I can hardly contain it!

 Here's a hint at what our little vacation might consist of.....shhhh don't tell the kids!  My parent's are once again taking the fam for a fun filled vaca!!

Bye for now!  That's all I got, plus the three little ones now have chocolate pudding and I'm thinking I should go help them :)

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