Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Between colds we had time for this....

 This is proof that we actually made it out of the house last week.  Ha!  Once again another awful flu like cold has found it's way into our home - we had a 24 hr break were I was the only one not feeling well........ so off to Trick or Treat we went!  (Stephen's the Headless horseman, he decided on this and I'm still not sure how he even knows who the headless horseman is, but then he got sick and then I got sick...... so..... you get a headless horseman in a woman's JCrew button up :) )
 This is Cecilia, the shy Princess.  She came down with the mean old fever later that night..... now we know why she was so shy!
 Every year a very sweet family, that Alan has known his entire life, has a hayride through our neighborhood.  We have been blessed enough to be adopted into the family and join in on the fun! :)  
So don't hold your breath, who knows when I might do this blog thing again.  We're doubling up on vitamins and praying we can stop getting sick soon!  This prego mama is tired :)

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