Friday, April 6, 2012

No news is good news?

So I once again have to begin this post with an apology. I have been so bad about blogging, even though I love to do it. Things around here have been crazy - and to be honest I haven't had much to say.
As you all know a few months ago we noticed some stuff going on with Cecilia, so we started a four month journey to finding out exactly what. We knew almost immediately that there was in fact something, possibly something very serious going on so we prayed, and asked you all for prayers
I'm happy to say that we did get the best diagnosis possible. Still I have to admit, it was hard for me to hear and harder for me to say out loud the first time - but still out of all the things that could have been going on a Stroke at birth was our best option.
I remember when I first realized that Cecilia might have had a stroke or something else. I started reading websites and blogs and stressing out more than I can explain (but I know there are so many mothers who know what I mean and who have gone through so much more, my prayers continue to be with you and your family) One particular website had a story. It stated that when you find out that a child has some sort of set back you go through a mourning moment. She compared it to planning a trip to Paris, getting excited to see the sights, having all the hotels and restaurants lined up, and then your plane lands in Amsterdam. You find out that there is no way you can get to Paris for your vacation and you are stuck there for the entire two weeks. At first you are frustrated, sad, thinking about all the plans you had - and then you end up having the time of your life!
I had some of those moments, more or less when I thought something could have been worse. But still now. I know that our road with Cecilia will not be exactly the same as it will with Jude or the others (but really, is any road with any child the same?)  But it is going to be a road that I will love, and trip that I will enjoy (almost) every moment, and I will never look back.  She is so amazing, and so smart, and I think I am finally able to see the absolute miracle that my children are. God is so good, He knows what He is doing, and I know that this Lent has been a great opportunity for me and our family to grow in a deeper trust and love of Him, and I feel that I have, and pray that I continue on that journey.
As for my sweet Cecilia, she is doing great - she actually took her first steps the other day!! I know that our journey will start to change a bit as she grows and we learn more about how this stroke has effected her, but no matter what I know God is with us and guiding us through this entire adventure!
As for everyone else, they are doing great! We still have not found "the one" when it comes to a new house - but again we have faith that God has a plan and as long as we continue to seek Him we will find it!
So I hope everyone has had a peaceful Good Friday, may your Holy Saturday be filled with true anticipation for a wonderful joyful Easter! I know God has taught us a lot this Lent, may we keep those lessons and Graces close to us!
God Bless you all, and thank you for your prayers! :)

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