Thursday, August 25, 2011

Please pray

 To my small following, please say a prayer for this wonderful woman and friend of mine Alaina Harris.  Yesterday, Aug. 24th while living in DC, her boss received an unreadable text message from her.  He asked a co-worker to contact her, the same gibberish text was received.  Her co-worker then called her and was able to reach her.  Alaina insured her she was fine, but that she just woke up and needed to take a sick day. 
Shortly after that a woman in her apartment complex saw her walking her dog - Alaina a very fun loving Southerner usually greeted everyone with a smile and conversation.  Not yesterday - when her neighbor stopped to ask if she was ok she could tell something was wrong.  She was immediately taken to the hospital where this morning they found that she had suffered three strokes.  She is unable to speak, but can communicate through winking and there is only minor muscle damage to one side, Thank God!!  Please pray for her and her family - if you would like to know how she is doing you can follow the blog link below.  Thank you for your prayers!

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