Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter is just around the corner, let's celebrate some Sacraments!

Br. Kevin explaining his habit to Stephen
 I know it's one of those things that you just don't have to mention to people, they just know - but  Easter is right around the corner!  As Holy week comes to an end my heart has had and exceptional opportunity to really reflect on the beauty of Easter and what it all means.
My boys with my dear friend!
I mean what more that the celebration of Sacraments could open your mind to Easter!  Last Sunday not only did we have an amazing witness of our faith in our home (Br. Kevin) but we also celebrated the baptism of Cecilia and Jude! 
 It was such a glorious moment, a time to come together with our family and friends to welcome these amazing children into the Church - watch them become children of God!  How amazing, how miraculous!
Welcome to the Church Cecilia and Jude!
To top it all off, today we will head to one of our dear friends first communion! 

Sweet Molly is on the right, this picture is over two years old! 
Molly Melnick (who's mom writes this blog) will receive her First Holy Communion at the Holy Thursday Mass!! So exciting, as we prepare our hearts for the coming of our Lord we get to witness these young members of the Church receive him for the first time!! What a gift! Please pray for all those receiving their First Communion, that their hearts will always approach his Holy Banquet with as much joy and anticipation as they will tonight!

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Julie said...

Yay for the Sacraments! I want Brother Kevin to visit us too! What a great witness to your children as well. God bless!