Monday, April 25, 2011

Christ has Risen, Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter!!  What a great and joyful day it was!

We started by getting the kids into the spirit - our first egg dying EVER
Not exactly sure how to explain what, that's the first thing, then this - we'll just say we started with 10 eggs and ended with 3 - then Augie came outside and took care of the three survivors
The biggest thing of course is they had fun, if you measure fun via mess - then we can say they had TONS of fun
And they did it together, no fighting, no screaming, just laughing, crushing, and smashing!
I have to say on a side note, over the past month or so Abby and Stephen have become best friends!!  This melts my heart (except when Stephen sneaks into her room at nap time and climbs in her crib)
But for sure, their love for each other has brought immense joy in the moments of extreme chaos!
Easter Sunday arrived and we celebrated at Mass then headed to my families house (unfortunately there where some technical difficulties with the camera so the pictures of the kids in their sooo cute outfits didn't come out)
But we still had a blast!  The Easter bunny arrived at my parent's house before we did and decorated the back yard with tons of eggs - the kids faces were priceless as they got out of the van!  It was truly an amazing day!  Thank you Jesus!


gabriellecato said...

what a wonderful easter! the pictures and story about abby and stephen working together is the sweetest thing ever!

Mary said...

What adorable photos ! I can just feel all the fun they were having.
A suggestion for next year - hard boil at least twice the number of eggs that you think you will need. I raised 6 children and each one felt that he or she should have at least 6 eggs to dye. Also, no matter how carefully I tried to cook the eggs, there always were ones that cracked and ran out into the water. Of course we always ended up throwing out some eggs because no-one really wanted to eat all those eggs :-) Have a blessed Easter season.