Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today's the day!

Well today's the day - not for me that is, but for my brother and sister-in-law!!  Little Henry Leo Murphy, III is on his way!!!  God Bless them!! :)

 As for me, things are looking great!!  We had another ultrasound yesterday and the twins are growing, as of this moment they are still on the growth path of a singleton baby which is really good!  Twins usually start going under the singleton growth curve around 24 or 26 week - I'm a little over 28wks and still keeping up!! :)

Jude on the other hand, the little stinker, decided he wanted to turn over, so he is now head up!! Cecilia is not only down, she is very down and ready to go. So everyone say a prayer that little Jude gets the memo that he needs to turn back around!! (from the feel of things he must have gotten tired of Cecilia punching his face, we'll see if he can hold his own!)

Well, little insight and thoughts for all of you - I am officially out of the fun picture taking stage for the moment!  I miss taking tons and tons of pictures finding a few great ones and sharing them with you, but I just can not move like I need to - so you will be getting the standard standing looking down at my children shoots for a few more weeks :) 

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