Thursday, December 2, 2010

Icing, Icing, and maybe some cookies

What a way to start off Advent, getting together with your good buddies and making cookies! I'll have to admit when Lauren suggested we make cookies, I was a little nervous - I didn't even pack up my good camera b/c I just knew I would be all over the place
Isn't it an amazing relief when your children surprise you!! They had a ball, everyone rolled the dough, cut out cookies (ate some dough when mommies weren't looking)
Pure joy for all!!
The final outcome was great, yummy cookies that everyone decorated, ate the icing, and left the cookies for me :) Thanks!!


Johnson Party of 4 said...

it was so much fun!

Julie said...

I am planning on trying this with the kids soon. We'll see if we are as brave as you!!