Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Great Friends!

I have been truly blessed throughout my life with amazing friends! Example if you remember Missy.. Well this past weekend, on a trip up to Atlanta, I was able to spend an afternoon with Missy!! We figured it had been at least 12 years since we had seen each other - 12 years!! I still can't believe it. But there's just something about true friendship, from the moment she got out of the car it felt as if no time had past. Those are the friendships that are a blessing from God - it helps when you've known each other since you were 4 :) See I've been blessed with more than one special friendships like that, I am one lucky woman! Stephany is another one of my dear, dear, friends; we try to get together about every 3 months (depending on births and so forth). This time was our turn to head up to ATL to visit her growing family and to get a pregnancy picture together.....
Did I mention she is only two weeks behind me, yes I get it my belly is getting biggggggggg - but I'm down with that :)
But speaking of great friendships, I have to mention there are moments with friends where you share something and it makes your heart melt - like when you look over and one of your best friends is sitting there with your oldest son and their smiles make you almost cry- that is one of life's greatest gifts - true friends, especially the ones that love your child more than you even know!
Do you have friendships like that? Friends that have been around since you were a child, driven through the night for the birth of your first child, maybe only in your life for a few years - but have been a gift from God for you and your family? I know I have a few, thank you Jesus!!
Please leave a comment and tell us all about those friendships!


Julie said...

Jess, you look great! I looked that big with my third baby (and I didn't have twins!!!) God bless!

Henry's Mom said...

I just stumbled upon this update - how did I miss it before?!?! Love the pic, want to lift it from your blog.
You & Steph are adorable. Please tell her thanks for letting me invade her home for the afternoon, it really meant the world to me!
Miss you and your sweet babies!