Thursday, March 5, 2009

Abigail Anderson Maddox is born!

Abigail Anderson was born Tuesday March 3rd at 1:17pm, 9lbs 1oz, 21.5inches long! What a true and amazing blessing God has given us!! Everyone is doing well and back home. Abby and Stephen are both napping; Stephen's still not to sure what to think of her - advice welcome! :)

The happy family!

Daddy's first hold!

So happy to have my little girl in my arms!!

Here's a little comparison for you - This is Stephen day after he was born!

Here's Abby


Anonymous said...

Jess, congratulations!! She's a doll! And can I tell you, you look incredible after having a baby! Many prayers

Julie said...

Congratulations! As far as Stephen and the baby, just give it time. John Paul really could care less about Ethan when he was first born. In fact, he would pet him and giggle like he did when he petted our neighbors dog! We couldn't get him to hold him until Ethan was at least 5 months old and now, John Paul wants "EE" to do everything with him. I think some kids are just more into babies than others too. It will click, you'll see!