Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our sweet friend Emma turned 1!

This weekend has been full of birthdays (no not Abby's just yet) but Friday Emma Johnson turned one and today Layla McLaughlin turned 1! What wonderful little girls! We were able to party with Emma today and sadly couldn't see our goddaughter Layla b/c I can't drive up to Atlanta. But she knows our love and prayers are with her!
Here is a picture of Emma enjoying her first cake! She was so cute, ate it like a little lady :)

Threw this one in there to say yes, I'm still good and pregnant, 39 weeks tomorrow - due date March 8th! So exciting, can't wait to meet that sweet little Abigail!!

We wanted to get a picture of all the kids at the party, here's the set up...

the final product - Emma and Stephen were much happier standing. :)

Our cute little man driving Emma's car up and down the dock. He buckled himself in and had his hands at 10 and 2, he is such his father's son! :) I love it

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Julie said...

You look Great Jess!! I can't wait to see pictures of Abigail--when she makes her appearance of course!!