Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day trip to New Orleans

This Saturday Alan, Stephen, and I and our good friends Dan, Lauren, and Emma Johnson headed down to New Orleans. Our main objective was to see the aquarium, but neither Dan nor Lauren had really ever been to New Orleans so we of course took them around the main sights. We started off at Cafe Du Monde which has been in New Orleans right next to the St. Louis Cathedral since the mid 1860's. It is an awesome cafe that basically only serves coffee and beignets (fried dough with powdered sugar, French donuts). They are awesome! We had a blast and the kids loved almost every minute of it. Stephen fell asleep right before lunch, which ended up being a blessing for us since it was a nicer Gumbo restaurant and he was getting rather fussy.

Stephen in line at the Cafe Du Monde, it was packed that morning, might have had something to do with the Sugar Bowl... who knows.

Mommy loving on Stephen in front of some fishies... note the finger in his mouth; most pictures now have this signature trait of his. Stephen picked it up during Thanksgiving and hasn't stopped - insert finger into mouth, twirl hair with other hand, and we have a happy boy!

Ahh the slide, smart thinking aquarium developers!

Stephen inside a tank....kinda. He loved it, I don't know if it was b/c he could see me and Emma through it or the fish.

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