Monday, August 18, 2008

The long awaited updated post

Faithful friends and family, thank you for coming back all month to see if I ever posted anything new.....Well here it is! Sorry for the long delay - almost the entire month of August. In that time we've just been moving and groving as usual Stephen has been growing more and more and showing just how smart he really is. Just the other day we had a little problem in our house so i had to move some stuff from one room to the other; and before I knew it Stephen had moved his toys over so he could climb ontop of this huge stack of wood flooring - I couldn't beleive it! I knew he was a climber but I wasn't prepaired for this!

So here are just a few photos from the last two weeks. The one where he is in the pool is at Alan's mom's house. He had a blast running in the yard and playing in the pool! I loved just watching him, and I know his Grandma did too!

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