Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, the Maddox family is getting ready for a long waited camping/hiking trip! That's right Stephen's first camping trip and we can't wait. We're heading up to Atlanta tonight to my dear friend Stephany and Mack's house, and then Sat. all of us (including their 6month old Layla) are heading up to the AT (Appalachain trail) for an easy 4 mile hike in, camping, and then a hike out the next morning! We can't wait. I know Alan is really looking forward to getting away from all the projects in the house and getting back to nature. Don't worry we'll bring our camera and post new pictures as soon as we get back.

As for me and the pregnancy, things are going great! I'm now 12 1/2 weeks along and starting to feel much better. It's funny to me how this time around I don't think about it to much until either my brain just completely stops working, I realize I'm starving 30 mins after I just ate, or I sit down in the middle of the afternoon and can't get up :) Stephen keeps me busy, and I love it! He's helping this pregnancy go by much quicker than I imagined. :)

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