Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dauphin Island Race!!!

For those of you who haven't been around on the last weekend in April - then you have no idea what the Dauphin Island race is. Well, for the Murphy family it is a long standing tradition! Every year we all get together for this annual sailing race. It's a blast - typicaly it starts with the captian's meeting on Friday night (aka a reason for a few hundred people to get together, listen to a band, eat some ok food, and drink a bushwaker and some beer). Oh and they do discuss the race a little bit. The official race is on Saturday - they race from about the middle of mobile bay to Dauphin Island - it is an awesome sight - around 200+ boats!! Once they get to the Island party number 2 starts! Most of the boats dock up at the Island and make Island's out of each other - so if you want to get back to your boat you have to walk across a few or get in a dingy! Then if you choose you can race back the next morning - but even if you don't you better get back to your boat early b/c if you are connected to a boat that's leaving - well, they'll just leave and let your boat float off! :) I don't race - I am usually just responsible for getting all the food to the condo on the Island and making sure that those who did sail have a cold beer and a ride when they get off the boat! This year however my brother and his wife took that role and I just watched little Stephen swim around in the pool! :)

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