Monday, January 14, 2013


Every time I do a "year in review"  I tell myself that I am just going to pick one picture from every month.  I honestly try, I promise.  But some months just needed more!  So enjoy, I know I did!
2012 was a great year to say - "What a difference a year makes!"  
A good handful of times throughout the year I said to myself and others, "I am done with 2012, please bring a happier 2013"
But, now that I look back on the entire year, and I stop being a grumpy gus and truly look at all the things that happened, I would have to disagree with myself!
Yes, we had a few bumps (I could have gone without the broken arm....but then again, I got to spend three weeks with my mom and her amazingness!)
B/c really, in 2012 we started the year by.... selling our house! Really, who could complain about that.  We had been working on that one since Abby was a baby!!
Cecilia taught us so much, especially that she is a determined, hard worker.  She went from barley moving around too running and talking!!!  Thanks be to God!!!
My children had the opportunity to really get to know their grandparents on a daily basis!  That is a true gift for them and my parents and Alan's mom!  Not many grandparents and grandchildren get that relationship!
I trained and ran in my first Half-Marathon
Stephen started school, that's pretty exciting!!
And did I mention we bought a new house!!!  One with more room than my children need to play outside, woods to grow up in, and some of the most amazing people living in the SAME neighborhood.  You just don't get that anymore!!
Alan now only travels 20 min to work, on most mornings he gets to see at least two of the children (where before he was out of the house before anyone woke up!)
I could go on and on, but I will stop.  
/The point is, in the midst of all the crazy happenings we had this year, we also had some amazing moments!  
So many memories were made.  Little lives have grown and developed awesome personalities, and I know I have grown!
Goodbye 2012, we had a great time.  Everyday is a blessing and we pray for another year of healthy children, and a growing family!
Thank you for being apart of our lives!  God Bless you!!

(the finished Christmas picture, if you did not get a card, turns out my list had a good handful of old addresses.  Sorry!!   I will contact you soon!!)

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Henry's Mom said...

You have such a beautiful life Jess and have been truly blessed! I loved catching up on your year, in pictures :-) However, I will be calling soon, I miss your voice! Love you!