Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So I noticed that there are some very cute, loving, sweet faces that have been missing from my posts.  So Here they are :)
This family wouldn't be the family it is without everyone, and though these past weeks have been full of Stephen and Cecilia activities, I promise these two little ones have kept me on my toes....
 Especially this one!  Oh Jude the Dude, what will we ever do.  I have decided to build him a climbing wall in the new house....now to find the budget :)  But the other day, Alan heard Cecilia scream for her life during nap time and he ran in - guess who had climbed over the side of his crib into hers???  You guessed it!  Oh, my little wild man!
 And this sweet girl is loving the extra attention while Stephen is away - but she misses him so much!!  She is slowly learning her new role, and testing all boundaries (like any good three year old would!)
So off I go, hopefully I will post again soon with some football pics of Mr. Stephen man!  God Bless!!

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