Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mother's guilt

Guilt is one of those things that can either push us further, make us stronger, or stop us right in our tracks. I hope this is a story of strength!
Latley I have taken up running again. I need this, it clears my mind, strengthens my body, and just makes me a nicer person all around :) While I run I think about so many things, I pray, I think about my children, but the one person I always think about at the end of my run is Cecilia. See after a good run I can finally get a good stretch on my broken arm.
And after 5 months, it still hurts, it's still tight and I only had it in a cast for 3 weeks! I pull my arm back, feel the pain of the muscels and then my heart begins to hurt. I have to take Cecilia's arm and leg and stretch it multiple times a day. She hasn't been on a long run, her body isn't extremly loose and warm and ready for a major stretch, and yet I need to get her stretched out. I think to myself, if this hurts me, and I only had my arm stiff in a cast for three bad can she hurt since it took me 9 months to realize something was wrong.
Guilt is a very strong thing. I choose to step up to the challenge, I warm her up as best as I can, I thank God for giving me this perspective, and I stretch her. I see her walk better, grab things with her left hand, and smile and laugh at how proud she is of herself!
Don't let mother's guilt stop you.

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