Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Growing up

Stephen is growing up way to fast! Every time I turn around I feel like he is hitting a new "big boy" milestone, or just acting and talking like a big boy
One milestone that he has refused to accomplish is the dreaded potty training, we've been trying and trying - usually in starts and ends with him screaming, hitting, screaming, and all that fun. He just does not want to sit down on that potty!
Then our dear friend's came and stayed a few nights - Layla used Stephen's potty, then Stephen used Stephen's potty. Then we headed to MS for a few days and spent 90% of our time outside
Again, we had a screaming match with the potty - then i realized that Stephen is so active that he didn't want to potty and miss out on fun. So since we were in a big private yard I let him tee tee in the yard.......
Score! That did it, he started tee teeing in the yard, then the potty, and now we've been accident free for two days!!! And we haven't tee teeed in a yard since Thursday :) We'll see how today turns out!

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Bruce, Brandi and Brinley said...

Yea Stephen!!! Now he needs to come on over to our house and show Brinley how its done. :-) She has no interest what-so-ever in the potty right now unless it involves putting it on her head (luckily since she never uses it, it is clean) or standing in it. One day we'll get there...