Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer fun

Summer has begun and we have been having so much fun. Both my family and Alan's family had their annual reunions (something about chasing a 2 year old and hold a 3 month old prevented me from taking picutres :) ) Then the other weekend we decided just to hang out and have some fun as a family - so we headed up to an old historic town (Alabama's first captial) St. Stephen's. That was fun; not much left of the town, they used all the bricks from old cities to build the forts during the Civil War; but Stephen enjoyed running around outside and "hiking" on his own. Above are two random pics of some fun bathtime :)

Here is one of Abby sleeping - she's been taking her morning naps on her side in the mornings - any other time of the day she wants to be swaddled or held to sleep. Silly little Goose!

Abby and Daddy at St. Stephen's historical town

Stephen with his hiking stick :)

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